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After taking a hiatus as a chef to care for my children. I have been running my own web design and hosting business for over 16 years. It started out as a hobby to help out some friends with small businesses and turned into a passion. During this time I also worked as a consultant and integration manager for a software firm, while also running side businesses offering business consultation and project management. I decided to combine all of my passions into one place here.

I have created and hosted websites for a number of businesses, including artists, commercial businesses and online shopping. Using Zapier, Power Automate and Quickwork I also created integrations to automate most processes including posting blog posts, out of hours support tickets, bookings, food ordering and many more.

Previous projects have included expense and holiday booking processes for businesses using Powershell, Integrating and creating Record Producers with ServiceNow and customising existing Zendesk systems using handlebars.

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I am adept with CSS, Powershell and Javascript along with other programming languages. Using Zapier, Tray.io, PowerAutomate and other integration platforms I can help expand your product in exciting new ways. Project management is also a speciality.

Milly is a content marketing and website design specialist that we are excited to be in partnership with.

Casper is our engineer and project management consultant while Mason is our animation and graphic design artist.

TechWitch was created to be a safe space for all underrepresented people in Tech. Our mission is to remove barriers and make tech accessable for all.

Contact us with your project and let’s make your concept real together.

I can also teach you how to make a delicious KongBul!

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