StartUp UK Award

TechWitch Social Enterprise StartUp of the Year Square 1

TechWitch has been named a finalist ahead of the London final of the StartUp Awards.

Carole’s session at new stars of data

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Carole emphasises the vital role of including the neurodiverse community in our conversational experiences. Embracing neurodiversity is not just a choice but a necessity for digital inclusivity. Discover how Carole’s insights go beyond the basics, offering a step-by-step guide to elevate your chatbot with multimodality—from text to voice and visuals.

Cardiff pride

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We’re excited to share that TechWitch recently joined Cardiff Pride, reaffirming our commitment to diversity and innovation. Collaborating with the incredible Clumsy Cabaret, a neurodiverse burlesque group, our presence at this lively event was a celebration of unity, creativity, and the intersection of technology and the arts.

Finding Data friends


Carole chats on with Jess Pomfret and Ben Weismann on Finding Data Friends Finding like-minded individuals who share your passion and challenges can be a game-changer. Recently, Carole had the privilege of chatting with two prominent figures in the data community, Jess Pomfret and Ben Weissman. Their conversation revolved around the joys and pitfalls of […]

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