We understand that each project undertaken is bespoke, and will require its own estimate. Whilst we make every attempt to work within a pre-defined estimate for each stage of the project, we also believe that a customer should be aware in advance of any costing.

We have 3 charging structures. Hourly, Daily, and Weekly.

Hourly will be chargable up to a period of 5 hours, at which point it will count as a day. Daily is chargable up to (and including) 4 days of work, after this, it becomes a week.

Our hourly rates are set at £50 per hour (per person). On larger projects that require multiple staff members, this will include a multiplier per staff member.

Our Daily fees are £225 per day (with the same multiplier per staff member)

Our Weekly fees are £975 per week (with the same multiplier per staff member)

When work is quoted for, a 20% fee is due prior to commencement of work. Once this is paid, work will begin. Fees will then be due on a month by month basis, with the final invoice due on completion of the work. We allow a 30 day period for payment of invoices.