Web developer and Integration Specialist

Carole loves projects. She sometimes comes up with four or five at once and makes them fight for her amusement. When she’s not planning how to right the wrongs of the world via the power of tamed crows and Gantt charts, she’s often found with her nose in a tech book (or a work of fiction). She has a passion for new tech and bad angsty teen movies. She loves working out with her personal trainer almost as much as she enjoys surgery without anaesthetic


Marketing & Communications Consultant

Milly has worked with both large national and small regional third sector and not-for-profit organisations for more than ten years covering the full marketing mix. From web design and development, graphic design and print media, through to copywriting, PR, press and social media, Milly loves to help businesses and non-profits up their marketing game and make the most of their often small marketing budgets.


Engineer and Project Manager

Theres a difference between Nerdy and Geeky. Geeky tends more towards the cool side of Tech. Casper is a Nerd. He has a passion for imagination, fixing broken things, and wacky hijinks. He can often be found daydreaming about imaginary worlds, poking things till they work, or walking the families slightly insane border collie.


Animator and Graphic Designer

Mason collects old tech. mainly old gaming consoles. He knows where tech goes to die and likes to kidnap it before it gets there. He’s Autistic, so is more of a doer than a talker…unless you get him on the subject of aspect ratio, the history of the power rangers or anything to do with WWE. He discovered he has an eye (and brain) for graphics and animation from an early age. In his spare time, he can often be found streaming playthroughs of some of the most bizarre games he can find. He tends to live for the nighttime. Rumours that he’s a vampire are vastly over-rated, but he doesn’t remember the last time he saw daylight!

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